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SEASON 2021/2022
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107 Players

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Allen, Nicholas(CAN)
Ardron, TylerLock(Castres)
Baillie, KyleLock(CAN)
Bain, Noah(CAN)
Barton, GeorgeCentre(Rugby ATL)
Berna, PhilCentre(CAN)
Beukeboom, MattLock(US Bressane)
Bowen, D'Shawn(CAN)
Bowman, LiamCentre(Montauban)
Braid, ConnorCentre(CAN)
Braude, RossScrum half(CAN)
Brouwer, RobertProp(Toronto Arrows)
Brown, ColeScrum half(Toronto Arrows)
Campbell, Luke FrancisThird Row(Old Glory DC)
Ciulini, PaulLock(Toronto Arrows)
Coats, CooperFly Half(CAN)
Coe, AndrewFull back(CAN)
Dashkewytch, JarvisWing(CAN)
Davis, ColeWing(Austin Gilgronis)
Dewitt, FosterHooker(CAN)
DiNardo, RileyScrum half(Toronto Arrows)
Douglas, JustinWing(CAN)
du Toit, GiuseppeCentre(Toronto Arrows)
Duguid, Tyler EvanLock(Montpellier)
Duguid, KadenLock(Peyrehorade)
Ergas, EliasWing(CAN)
Faust, KobeCentre(Toronto Arrows)
Ferguson, AndrewScrum half(Toronto Arrows)
Ferguson, BrandanWing(Toronto Arrows)
Flesch, MasonThird Row(CAN)
Fraser, DouglasCentre(Old Glory DC)
Fuailefau, MichaelCentre(CAN)
Griffiths, Sion(CAN)
Hammond, LucasCentre(CAN)
Heaton, MatthewThird Row(Rugby ATL)
Higgins, JasonScrum half(CAN)
Hirayama, NathanFly Half(CAN)
Howard, EricHooker(CAN)
Ilnicki, JakeProp(CAN)
Isherwood, ThomasWing(CAN)
Jacks, RyleyScrum half(Featherstone)
Jones, HarryFull back(CAN)
Jones, SpencerCentre(CAN)
Kay, PatrickFly Half(CAN)
Keith, ColeProp(CAN)
Kelly, WillFly Half(Toronto Arrows)
Keys, ConorLock(CAN)
Kotze, DewaldHooker(Dallas Jackals)
Kratz, Lachlan (Lockie)Centre(CAN)
Larsen, JoshLock(CAN)
Larsen, TravisThird Row(Seattle Seawolves)
Lesage, BenCentre(CAN)
Lloyd, KainoaWing(CAN)
Lynott, PatProp(San Diego Legion)
McCann, ConnorCentre(Toronto Arrows)
McRogers, JackHooker(Toronto Arrows)
McRorie, GordonScrum half(Toronto Arrows)
Morra, JosiahWing(CAN)
Mullins, MattThird Row(CAN)
Murray, LiamProp(Dallas Jackals)
Nelson, PeterFly Half(Aurillac)
Ngawati, QuinnCentre(CAN)
Ngongo, AntoninWing(CAN)
Nhanala, Cody(CAN)
Nott, OlliThird Row(Toronto Arrows)
O'Gorman, ReeganLock(New England Free Jack)
O'Leary, ShaneFly Half(Rouen)
O'Neill, JamesThird Row(Toronto Arrows)
Olmstead, EvanLock(Biarritz)
Olson, IsaacWing(CAN)
Ouellet, Marc-AntoineProp(Toronto Arrows)
Oworu, Matt(CAN)
Paris, TaylorWing(Oyonnax)
Penny, NakaiThird Row(Seattle Seawolves)
Percillier, WillScrum half(Stade Français)
Piffero, BenoitHooker(Blagnac)
Povey, RobertFly Half(CAN)
Prevost, BrenningFull back(CAN)
Prior, EmersonProp(Utah Warriors)
Quattrin, AndrewHooker(CAN)
Reimer, SamScrum half(Toronto Arrows)
Richard, DavidWing(CAN)
Richardson, MitchCentre(Toronto Arrows)
Rowland, TylerProp(CAN)
Rumball, LucasThird Row(CAN)
Russell, AlexWing(CAN)
Sauder, TheoWing(CAN)
Sears-Duru, DjusticeProp(CAN)
Sheppard, MichaelThird Row(Toronto Arrows)
Sheridan, JohnnyWing(Toronto Arrows)
Smith, MichaelThird Row(CAN)
Stevenson, HankLock(Toronto Arrows)
Thiel, JakeThird Row(CAN)
Thiel, JoshCentre(San Diego Legion)
Thomas, CoreyLock(CAN)
Tierney, MattProp(Castres)
Trainor, ConorCentre(CAN)
Van der Merwe, DTHFull back(L. A. Giltinis)
Vikilani, Siaki LoloheaThird Row(CAN)
Voralek, MitchFull back(Toronto Arrows)
Wadden, AdrianLock(Toronto Arrows)
Wainwright, MarcelloThird Row(Toronto Arrows)
Watkins, ReidScrum half(Seattle Seawolves)
Webster, BrockFly Half(CAN)
Weidner, LoganThird Row(Brive)
Worden, BryceProp(Toronto Arrows)
Young, ConorProp(Southern Districts)
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